2024 Pan African City Exposition Begins at Bowie State University

President Aminta Breaux Welcomes International Housing Conference

(BOWIE, Md.) – Bowie State President Aminta Breaux welcomed hundreds of visitors from around the world to the university to attend the 2024 Pan African City Exposition that is being held to exchange ideas and develop partnerships to address the crisis in housing, human settlements, real estate development, sustainability and equity issues that are plaguing nations around the globe.  

 ”We’re honored to host such an important conference with dignitaries from a variety of nations and Maryland state officials participating,” said Breaux. “Housing, sustainability and equity issues are fundamental to the well-being of all people. Leaders coming together to devise solutions to help mitigate these dilemmas is imperative, particularly since climate change is altering where many people can live in the world.”  

The four-day conference which will be held through Saturday at Bowie State includes Adrienne Todman, Acting Secretary, Housing and Urban Development; Susan Lee, Maryland Secretary of State; Jacob R. “Jake” Day, Maryland Secretary of Housing & Community Development; Jonathan Daniels, Executive Director, Maryland Port Administration; and Elizabeth Glenn, chair of the US Africa Collaborative which is hosting the event, and many other speakers.  

“The global housing crisis is growing dramatically punctuated by 150 million people around the world who are homeless,” said Glenn. There are almost 600,000 homeless people in the United States with 6,000 of them living in Maryland. “With climate change and food insecurity on the rise, it is imperative that local, national and international leaders come together to develop strategies to reduce the housing shortage.”  

Glenn said participants have travelled from Ethiopia, Germany, South Africa, the United Kingdom and other nations to attend the conference. 

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