33rd Annual HUGS Program Kicks Off at Jefferson Lab in Newport News

Hampton University students and students from all over the world are participating in the Hampton University Graduate Studies (HUGS) Program at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA, which officially kicked off the last week of May. This three-week program is designed for students to delve into the world of physics on a substantially deep level.

HUGS is a summer school designed for experimental and theoretical nuclear and particle physics graduate students who have completed their coursework and have at least one year of research experience in each field. Supported by the United States Department of Energy and Jefferson Science Associates, the competitive program is a simultaneously intensive, friendly, and casual, and is led by internationally renowned leaders in their fields.

“We’ve lead this program for over 30 years, founded by a few of our great professors in the physics department,” said Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey. “The HUGS program will give students from all over the world the opportunity to network and grow within the field of science.”

The students are housed on site at Jefferson Lab, and there will be many opportunities over the three weeks to interact with Jefferson Lab staff, as well as the lecturers, other graduate students, and visitors. Some students had the opportunity to receive the standard Jefferson Science Associate (JSA)/HUGS Fellowship that covers lodging at the SURA residence facility.

“Coming from South Africa, I was awarded a fellowship for developing countries,” said Paul Vaandrager, JSA/HUGS Program Fellow. “The program is three weeks and it’s an incredibly great opportunity to network, facilitate further collaboration, and learn about various topics in high energy physics. I plan to get a better understanding of physics and fill some of the gaps in my education.”

“The Hampton University Graduate Studies Program (HUGS) has been one of our premier programs over the past thirty years,” said Dr. Michelle Penn-Marshall, Dean of the Hampton University Graduate College. “Faculty in the Department of Physics continue to demonstrate their commitment to cultivate the next generation of scientists.  I am grateful for the level of dedication exhibited by Hampton University faculty and researchers.”

Acceptance into the HUGS program is extremely competitive. Students from various countries such as Brazil, and South Africa, will join the program to learn about various topics such as:

•    Transverse Momentum Structure of Hadrons in the EIC Era

•    Hadron Spectroscopy at GlueX and Beyond

•    Few-body physics with relation to neutrinos

•    Fundamental Symmetries

•    Soft-Collinear Effective Theory

For further information about this program, please visit https://www.jlab.org/education/hugs/.


Hampton Universirty Graduate students during lecture



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