Alabama State University’s Biomedical Students Learn About New Medical Advances at Medtronic Mobile Lab

By: Alabama State University

Biomedical engineering students at Alabama State University received an inside view of advances in cranial and spinal care when they visited the Medtronic Mobile Lab in Birmingham.

The Medtronic Cranial, Spine, and Technologies Mobile Lab is a classroom on wheels. It’s built to simulate an operating room and is equipped with a dedicated staff and with the latest in surgical equipment and technology.

“It’s primarily used to train healthcare providers in the latest healthcare technology,” said Dr. Derrick Dean, professor and program coordinator of Biomedical Engineering. “They show their latest technology to medical center clinicians and potential customers. This was a unique opportunity for ASU Biomedical Engineering students to visit the Mobile Lab.”

Dean noted that students were able to walk through the Mobile Lab and learn about the latest Medtronic-developed technology that is used in operating rooms.

“The Mobile Lab showcased the latest robotic surgery and imaging technology, provided hands-on experience with the technology, and gave students a chance to interact with the professionals in attendance,” Dean said.

The experience, he added, gave students the “invaluable” opportunity to consider educational and career pathways in healthcare and other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

“These experiences make sure our students aren’t overlooking opportunities in the STEM realm, such as in the medical device industry and biomedical engineering,” Carr added. “A special thank you to Mr. Stewart McCall  (Medtronic Enabling Technologies District Sales Manager) and Medtronic for this opportunity.”

CSTEM Dean, Dr. Audrey Napier, and CSTEM faculty and staff accompanied the students.