Allen University chooses Hollywood actress to headline the 16th Annual UNCF Gala and Richard Allen awards

In an innovative partnership with Apple, Allen University plans to radically upgrade the learning experience by transitioning into a fully functional Apple campus. Each student, faculty, and staff member will receive brand new iMacs, iPad, and MacBook’s by spring of 2022. 

Apple products provide a complete learning environment with the seamless integration of its hardware, system software, and applications. This makes collaborative experiments user friendly and enjoyable.

This latest development proves that Allen University not only wants to compete in employment sectors but is preparing each student to technologically dominate them. 

“Apple campuses are some of the most innovative schools in the world. We see this as a robust tool to prepare students for the future while playing a pivotal role in eliminating equity gaps among our brilliant and diverse students,” says Dr. McNealey, President and CEO of Allen University. “We’re an institution that recognize teachers as learning experience designers. We will give them the tools necessary to design our future.”

Leadership will be equipped to train students in real time for in demand careers in our state, across the country, and beyond. This level of technology will keep students immersed in fresh content, inspiring lectures, and engaging classrooms.

Receiving proper training on Apple equipment is vital to support each student’s technological appetite. Along with a disbursement of detailed instructional videos, Allen will enlist Apple Specialists to assist with implementing the most creative ways to effectively operate the equipment. This foundation will allow faculty to open their classrooms to unthinkable realms of communication.

“Apple is committed to working alongside communities of color to advance educational equity,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice-president of environment, policy and social initiatives, in a statement. “We see this expansion of our Community Education Initiative and partnership with HBCUs as another step toward helping Black students realize their dreams and solve the problems of tomorrow.”

Allen is currently reconstructing its entire campus and plans to stay ahead of the curve by pushing the boundaries of creative expression.  Allen guarantees a learning experience that is active, inspiring, collaborative, and relevant —specifically designed to give students permission to dream. 

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