Alumni and community leaders advocate for HBCUs

On Tuesday night, concerned alumni advocated for Historically Black Colleges and Universities at the Albany Police Department.

After a senate bill was proposed in early April, alumni have hosted multiple events with the goal to save HBCUs.

Senate bill 273, which has since been revised, originally proposed the three HBCUs in Georgia combine under one name.

Under the latest version, Senate Bill 278, each institution of the university system will remain separate from one another.

Albany State Alumni Gilbert Udoto says it’s extremely important to continue to advocate for HBCUs.

“People like us who never had opportunities to go to other schools couldn’t be anything. I wouldn’t be a businessman, the school board, the school superintendent, the mayor of Albany, even Martin Luther King, he wouldn’t be what he is without HBCU,” said Udoto. 

This is the third meeting alumni and community leaders have hosted in Albany.

They are planning to go to Atlanta and talk to the Board of Regents and the Governor before the next legislative session.