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On April 21st, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.Shorter College in downtown, North Little Rock, AR, will host a historic and socially competent event that serves as the epicenter for HBCU Career Fairs in the U.S. What started out at Arkansas Baptist College in 2022, is now scheduled for Shorter College in 2023. This is not an advertisement, but a national announcement and invitation if you received this message. Share this flier on your social media platforms for HBCU students, entrepreneurs, business owners, military outfits, the non-profit sector, government agencies, and even high school seniors. 

The ‘ARKANSAS HBCU BLACK WALL STREET CAREER FEST’ returns next month. In 2022, African American employment vendors from Arizona, Washington, D.C., Houston, Dallas, Baltimore, and Atlanta all traveled to this nation’s first inaugural event in Little Rock, and this year, expect more! Keep in mind that bridge-building is the key to opportunities, not building walls. More than 23

% of all students at 107 HBCUs (nearly 300,000 students) and MSIs are not African Americans but Latinx/Hispanic, European, Asian, Caucasian, African, Caribbean, Native-American, Middle-Eastern, and other ethnic groups, so ethnically it’s all-inclusive, and we are excited. 

This was America’s largest HBCU career fair and is the first and only HBCU Black Wall Street-themed career event in higher education, in the nation. All black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits in a position to pay college-degree earners can scan or align their smart devices with the camera to use the QR code on the flier to become vendors, It’s free, but registration is required (the deadline is April 14th). This will be a one-day national event with music, food, and free haircuts, with a possible red-carpet experience for HBCU students. In 2022, the ARKANSAS HBUC BLACK WALL STREET CAREER FEST made national news, and 2023 will be even greater. All are welcome to the North Little Rock/Little Rock metro areas, so book your hotel now, visit the historic landmarks, eat in the river market, and make it a grand weekend.

If you have any questions about the resume writing workshop, free haircuts/groomingmusic, refreshments, media interviews, and potential red carpet walk for photos (all students must be professionally dressed), please refer to Shorter College’s Director of Career Services, Mrs. Kelly Huskey for more details. (see attached flier).

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The National ‘Arkansas HBCU Black Wall Street Career Fest’ organizers are requesting African American employers, educational leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to provide career options, internships, graduate school packages, military branches, legal minds, volunteer thought leaders and job opportunities for HBCU learners. With this national pilot model for HBCU Black Wall Street-style career events, Arkansas HBCUs show college unity for other HBCUs, PWIs, and MSIs that host career fairs. This one-day Black Wall Street (BWS) career-themed experience is designed for employers to help attract HBCU students to be hired, become partners with, CEOs or earn internships with, and more. 


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