Be Proactive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Angela Jones

Of course, during a pandemic, it is difficult to think about anything other than the health and safety of one’s family. It seems that this pandemic may last a few months; therefore, we must all have a plan for dealing with the short and long term effects of such a crisis and put this plan into action. Even if we have to work while staying at home, we can use the extra time that we would have been commuting to set our plan into motion.

First, we must try to learn as much as we can about the virus, how it is spread and its symptoms. If we have children in our home, we need to learn how it will affect them as well. While some children have been greatly affected after contracting the virus a large number of children may be asymptomatic and can spread the virus to adults. We also know that older adults are more susceptible to the harsher effects of the virus as well as those who have underlying conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. We should not just get our information from one source, we know that the news reports on the Fox network are very different from what we see on CNN and MSNBC. The local newspaper is also a great source of information. The articles are usually more in-depth than what you would see on a local television news broadcast. Both the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health have websites with a wealth of information. Consider all of the information gathered about coronavirus and choose which sources seem trustworthy.

A number of the underlying conditions that cause the coronavirus to be more treacherous can be controlled or eliminated through weight loss. Eating right and exercising are both important whether one needs to lose weight or not. It may be challenging to purchase only healthy foods with the “slim pickings” that have been left on grocery stores shelves, lately, but we can try. We can also cut back on our caloric intake while our lifestyles are not as active as they would be normally, and drink plenty of high-quality water.

We should keep in mind, while stay-at-home orders are in place, that we do not have to leave the house to exercise nor do we have to purchase expensive exercise equipment. We can use the resistance from our body to build muscles or tone them, by doing exercises such as pushups, squats, and lunges. For cardio, something as simple as jumping jacks or jogging in place will raise one’s heart rate. Dancing is a fun way to get moving while spending time indoors. There are plenty of free exercise videos online that are easy to follow including those that involve Zumba Yoga and Pilates. One’s doctor should be consulted before beginning a new exercise routine.

In addition to exercising and diet, we can stock up on vitamins, minerals, and herbs that may be beneficial in proactively preparing our bodies for whatever may come our way. A multivitamin is a good catch-all approach to ensure that we have the proper nutrition for our bodies to function optimally. There are also supplements that are known to improve the immune response. Herbs like holy basil, echinacea, oregano oil, elderberries, ginger, and garlic are all said to have anti-viral properties. It may not hurt to have them around but check with your doctor before taking any of these herbs. Some herbs may interact with medications or have other side effects. Garlic capsules, for instance, may have a blood-thinning effect which could be dangerous for individuals who are already taking a blood thinner. One also should not use garlic if they are planning to have surgery in the near future because it may hamper blood clotting needed for wound healing. Zinc and vitamin C both play important roles in immune system health, as well.

While the coronavirus pandemic plays out, we need to also consider our financial health. Now is a good time to start thinking about a “Plan B” in case life as we know changes significantly after the pandemic has run its course. We need to have multiple streams of income to generate wealth and what better time to research ways to make money than while the world has mostly been on pause. Now is a great time to think about passive income which can be realized through ventures like owning rental property or creating and selling an app. A home-based business can create an opportunity to be self-employed or an opportunity to save some extra cash through a “side-hustle.” Paragraph

If one has an interest in investing in the stock market, it is definitely something that should be researched before jumping in with both feet. There are apps like Robinhood that offer commission-free investing as well as companies that offer paper trading. Paper trading allows one to practice trading stocks without investing real money. There are many ways to use the extra time we have during the coronavirus pandemic, including checking on elderly relatives. We can spend this precious time productively or we can squander it. If we use this time wisely, we can come out of this tragic moment in the history of the world more fit, both physically and financially, than ever.