CIAA Announces New Five-Year Strategic Plan

New strategic plan will carry conference through 2025

CHARLOTTE – The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, the nation’s oldest historically black conference, announced its new strategic plan that will carry the conference through 2025, along with a revised mission statement and refocused vision.

The latest iteration of the strategic plan continues the successful implementation of the last with a clearly defined focus on several core areas. The final plan was approved by the conference’s 12 presidents and chancellors during the May CIAA Board meetings and is set to go into effect on July 1.

The new mission statement includes specific language addressing the full health and wellness of the student-athlete experience while striving for a meaningful campus and competitive environment that prepares them to be leaders in a global society.

While tradition remains a vital component of the CIAA’s vision, the new mantra of Legacy, Leadership and Community better encapsulates a celebration of the former with a look to the future as well. The theme of ‘Live the Legacy’, rolled out during the 2018-19 season, further signifies the past, present and future legacy that CIAA members live every day.

“I am pleased that the CIAA leadership used its own resources and expertise to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to develop a strategic plan that supports its mission” said CIAA Commissioner Jacqie McWilliams. “This strategic plan is flexible supports the holistic value of its constituents, membership and student-athletes to make our communities better through intercollegiate athletics.”

Review of the plan began in 2019 with the conference enlisting the assistance of its Management Council as well as the CIAA Board in updating its plan and mission statement to lead the conference into the new decade. With the goal of developing the most thorough plan possible, the conference also relied on multiple entities and viewpoints throughout the membership, including coaches and student-athletes.

“The Board felt strongly about ensuring that the CIAA mission and vision were clearly aligned with the needs of our students now and in the years to come,” said Dr. Makola Abdullah, Virginia State University President and CIAA Board Chair. “We are at a critical point where our institutions must continue to function as not only a place of higher learning, but a place where the students can be supported academically, mentally and physically. Our student enhance our institutions and it is our job to prepare them to lead and continue to make an impact. This five-year blueprint allows us to track our progress and continue to improve on the opportunities we are able to provide.” 

While the previous plan totaled seven principles, the latest CIAA strategy is streamlined to focus on five areas designed around the NCAA Division II core principles of life in the balance and celebrating the full student-athlete experience.

Mission Statement: The CIAA is committed to excellence in everything we do in DII to support the total student-athlete well-being and experience on and off the court through meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships to make the world a better place.

Vision:  To foster an environment that celebrates athletics and education while honoring the traditions of the past, acknowledging leadership in the present, and ensuring communities are positively impacted by the CIAA and its members.   

Strategic Plan Components

Building the Value: Maintain the fiscal matters of the conference with transparency including annual audits and broad-based participation in the budget process and create additional innovative streams of revenue to include sports championships, membership, and corporate partnerships.

Champions of Character: To promote and support the growth and development of the student-athlete and the mission of NCAA Division II.

Our Identity With a Great Story to Tell: To be the most recognized Division II conference through its licensing, media rights and branding initiatives and to promote visible athletic and academic successes among the membership to enhance the public’s knowledge and appreciation of the rich legacy, leadership and community of the CIAA.

Virtue of Competitive Success: Identify educational resources for improved academic success, compliance and governance while promoting and supporting the development of the conference membership in alignment of NCAA Division II

Integrity, Respect, Passion & Excellence: To lead strategic partnerships and development opportunities to make an impact in the communities the CIAA serves.

Each of these strategic focus areas contain specific goals and strategies within the plan that will be addressed and achieved over the next five years, the intended length of the plan.