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Colonial Life donates $100k to Allen University for the Waverly project and STEM Programing

Allen University’s Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital’s capital campaign recently received a boost from Colonial Life with a $100,000 pledge. 

The gift is payable over a three-year period (2022-2024) and the funds will be used to:

  • • Support a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) summer camp for high school students ($7,500 annually)
  • • Support programming within the Boeing Institute on Civility – a national hub for advancing civil discourse in America ($12,500 annually)
  • • Name a classroom within the Boeing Institute on Civility ($40,000) 

“Colonial Life’s support of Allen University through The Boeing Institute on Civility and the summer STEM camp for students is an investment in our future.” said Tim Arnold, President of Colonial Life. “This partnership aligns with our commitments to inclusion and diversity and providing students with equitable access to quality education.”
For Allen University, corporate partners have been instrumental in the tremendous growth and success the university has experienced in recent years. The technology infrastructure has grown exponentially with the deployment of a virtual server (cloud), universal tools for students, and 5g capacity across the campus. Grants and pledges from companies like Colonial Life are important to this continued growth.

“Colonial Life has been an extraordinary corporate citizen in South Carolina via its leadership and community-based programming, as well as its support of higher education. We are pleased to have the company as a contributor to the Waverly Hospital Restoration and Expansion Project, and a partner in other ventures that serve the greater good, “says Dr. Ernest McNealey, President of Allen University.

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