Corporations and Federal Agency Visit Bowie State for Career Panel

(BOWIE, Md.) – Representatives from Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and the Securities and Exchange Commission visited Bowie State University last Friday to share career advice with students that will help them secure permanent positions in the banking, finance and investment industries. 

“I was very encouraged by the amount of students that had a tech background,” said Hannah McKenzie, a campus coordinator for Morgan Stanley, who looks forward to returning to Bowie State on May 8 to conduct interview prep sessions with students. “That was something that really stood out to me. I enjoyed hearing that from students because that’s setting them up for success.”  

In a continuation of the College of Business’ Excellence in Leadership series, Dr. Remi Duyile, internship coordinator, invited industry professionals for a dialog with students that covered how they got their starts, where they made shifts in their career track and how they measure the impact of their work compared to the personal fulfillment they experience in their current roles. Dr. Duyile emphasized that hosting these kinds of talks is the key to starting fruitful, professional relationships with future employers.  

“It’s a series we have curated in the resource office to provide networking opportunities, testimonials and to position them for experiential learning,” said Dr. Duylie. “What’s beautiful about the experience is that it won’t end today. This experience enables sustainable relationships.”  

Despite having to juggle some last-minute logistical challenges, Dr. Duyile, a finance professor, said the event succeeded as she had imagined it, connecting students with the Fortune 500 companies. 

“It makes me feel excited because I know the possibilities of what our students are capable of,” said Dr. Duyile. “I can envision them in a boardroom. They are more than enough. They just need to believe in their potential and be confident.”