By: Dillard University

NEW ORLEANS–Dillard University has introduced its brand evolution campaign, “Write Your Legacy.” The initiative was created after the University partnered with Columbus, Ohio based marketing firm Ologie to research and craft the University’s value proposition. The updated brand guidelines, toolkit, merchandise and more can be found at

As a result of qualitative and quantitative research, data analyzation and creative testing, it was determined that Dillard’s value proposition is that the University “offers students the opportunity to pursue their greater self so that they gain the inspiration and social capital needed to make a meaningful difference in the world.”

“One of the fascinating things about Dillard is the legacy of the University,” said Dr. Rochelle L. Ford, University president. “We talk about standing on the shoulders of giants; the giants of Straight University, New Orleans University and Dillard University give our students a sense of belonging and pride that helps them take ownership of their Dillard experience.”

The research revealed that Dillard’s strongest selling point is its family-like environment according to Tanika Craig, Ologie’s account director. “A key theme that emerged in our focus group discussions and surveys was the strong sense of community and connection that students, employees and alumni feel,” she said. Craig also pointed out that, based on Ologie’s research, two other prominent terms that describe Dillard’s personality are “proud” and “resilient.”

“Our goal in doing this brand refresh was to provide the Dillard community with the language to clearly and concisely talk about the value of the Dillard experience,” said Eddie Francis, Dillard’s director of communications and marketing. “A sense of community, pride, resilience and the desire to amplify Dillard’s legacy are what alumni, students, faculty, staff, donors and our board love most about Dillard; so, we’re going to lean hard into that.”

For questions, contact Eddie Francis at or 504-816-4024.

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