Fall 2018 internships at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Interested students should apply to these Fall 2018 internships. The
National Museum of American History internship program allows a diverse
group of people with innumerable interests, strengths, and goals to
encounter an educational environment where they can work with and learn
from professionals and scholars in related areas of concentration. The
Museum offers interns of different backgrounds incredible opportunities in
a variety of fields, from public relations to exhibition research to
project design. Learning from knowledgeable mentors in the dynamic
atmosphere of the Museum and Washington, D.C. area, interns enjoy an
intensive experience as multifaceted as the Museum itself. In addition we
provide a robust set of enrichment activities that range from
behind-the-scenes collection tours, career readiness workshops, directors
talks and field trips.

There arecurrently four different programs to select from In our
Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment system (SOLAA)
https://solaa.si.edu/solaa/#/public [

* *NMAH Development Internship (External Affairs) Program*  For more
information and read our testimonials
* *NMAH Special Events Internship (External Affairs) Program* – For more
information and read our testimonials
* *NMAH Office of Communications & Marketing Program*  For more
* *NMAH Internship Program*
http://americanhistory.si.edu/getinvolved/internship [
] This selection is for all other internship projects outside of
External Affairs and Communications & Marketing (i.e. Curatorial
Projects; Archives Center; Conservation; Public Programs  Daily
Programs, Programs in African American History, Programs in Latino
History; Graphic Production; Exhibition Design and more!). Once you
select NMAH Internship Program you will have to choose three internship
projects that are ranked by preference.
* PAID INTERNSHIP  James Lollar Hagan  Fall 2018 Project: *Entertaining
America* Curatorial Project –
* New Project  *Inclusion Infusion (Accessibility) Project* – This new
project will provide a wide range of opportunities for visitors who are
blind or have low vision to experience the Museum better. The intern
will provide assistance with the four project components: creating
verbal description tours, offering electronic guiding system to visitors
who use AIRA, two tactile floor plans with audio, and take-away
materials in braille and large print. Work will consist of testing
prototypes, conducting evaluations, monitoring development of all four

Learning Objectives: The intern will learn the planning process involved
in launching an innovative large-scale project. They will gain experience
in coordinating a project across several different departments, and they
will understand what is needed to serve as a Project Manager of a large

*Comprehensive Evaluation Plan*

The Intern will create systems for collecting, monitoring and reporting
out evaluation data for all surveys and studies conducted. They will
coordinate this with a new initiative for all Smithsonian units to collect
evaluation data on outreach, engagement and impact. Conduct front-end and
formative qualitative evaluations with visitors and learn to conduct rapid
prototype testing.

Learning Objectives: The Intern will learn to analyze data and create
original reports that will inform a wide range of staff. They will learn
how to collaborate with other Smithsonian units and provide feedback data
collected so that this initiative can be expanded.

The central Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships
(www.smithsonianofi.com [
]) has paid internship opportunities that students can apply to and
receive funding while being placed with a project at the National Museum
of American History. In your essay you can indicate the National Museum of
American History or other units as potential placements. Here are a few of
those programs:

* Anne R. and G. Wayne Clough Internship –
https://www.smithsonianofi.com/anne-r-and-g-wayne-clough-internship/ [
* James E. Webb Internship for Minority Undergraduate Juniors and
Graduate Students in Business and Public Administration
* Katzenberger Foundation Art History Internship –
* Minority Awards Program  Internship and Visiting Student –
https://www.smithsonianofi.com/minority-internship-program/ [
* Native American Awards Program  Internship –
* Go to www.smithsonianofi.com [
] for deadlines and other information.

Multiple internship postings are on Handshake.com.

The deadline is July 1, 2018 for these summer internships*

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