Florida Memorial University

(Miami Gardens, FL) – Transforming a gym into a glorious gala is never an easy feat, but FMU’s Black Tie Gala was prepared with grand elegance. The event drew historic notables, celebrities, and academicians, on Friday. Dr. Tameka Hobbs, a Historian, spoke eloquently of FMUs journey from St. Augustine 50 years ago. Hall-of-Famer, Isiah Thomas, the evening’s keynote speaker, addressed the significant role HBCUs have played, in a compelling speech. He painted a picture of his early years as a child and how his mother gave him hope to survive. A current FMU senior, Eboni Denise Smith, openly shared her road to success, thanks to those at FMU who supported her along the way. J. Walter Hale, an FMU alum and former staff member, flew in from Virginia, to speak on behalf of those who came before him and those who will follow. Presenting to honorees who supported FMU throughout the years, was Interim President, Dr. Jaffus Hardrick and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Jolinda Herring. The recipients of the evening’s awards were: Dr. Dorothy Fields, H.T. Smith, Commissioner Barbara Jordan, and Former Commissioner Betty T. Ferguson.

The enchanted night was enhanced with fine dining, a VIP reception at the Lou Rawls Center for the Performing Arts and dancing to the rhythms of the Valerie Tyson Band. Calvin Hughes of WPLG hosted the sold-out event, which ended with a Champaign toast from Dr. Hard rick and his wife. “May FMU continue to serve students who contribute, locally, nationally and internationally and here’s to the next 50 years,” exclaimed Dr. Hardrick.

To watch FMUs 50th Anniversary LIVESTREAM visit https://livestream.com/accounts/19359216/events/8437413/videos/183005447 https://livestream.com/accounts/19359216/events/8437413/videos/183008970 -photos of the event are available upon request

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