From Risk to Opportunity: Afterschool Programs Keep Kids Safe

report shows that the peak in juvenile crime on school days occurs between 2-6 p.m. and provides powerful examples of afterschool programs making a positive difference in young peoples lives, and lifts up law enforcement voices who see the influence programs can have in their community. The hours immediately after school lets out were first dubbed the Prime Time for Juvenile Crime in a report published by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids in 2000.Since the time of that first report, participation in afterschool programs has grown by more than 60%, and juvenile crime has decreased by 70%. This new report and the accompanying website, which includes state-level data for 46 states and examples of afterschool programs in all 50 states, will help more stakeholders recognize the value of afterschool and more young people access quality afterschool opportunities in the future. Full report here [].