FSU Doctoral Student Association Supports HBCU Alumni Alliance Run/Walk

The Doctoral Student Association is the official student organization for the only doctoral program at Fayetteville State University. Its membership consists of active and enrolled doctoral students and former colleagues who continue to support this effort.

The current president of the organization, Charles Pimble (Cohort 22), and vice-president Kelisha Graves (Cohort 23), are modeling the effort to make this event an annual fundraiser activity in collaboration with the Atlanta Chapter of the FSU Alumni Association. Sherrill Lewis serves as the president for the Atlanta Chapter. Other FSU doctoral students who will be supporting the event include Melissa Lyon (Cohort 21) and Letrecia Allen (Cohort 23).

Drs. Linda Wilson-Jones and Noran L. Moffett are the faculty advisors for the Doctoral Student Association in the Department of Educational Leadership.

Wilson-Jones suggested that doctoral students should be at the forefront of service in support of future undergraduates through this worthy cause.

Moffett ran as a participant with the DSA and the Atlanta Chapter for The HBCU Alumni Alliance Annual 5K in Atlanta, which is in its 12th year.

Pimble stated that this event is a “worthy effort.” Graves, who serves at FSU as an instructor and Honors Program Coordinator, believes that it is important for the HBCU community to continue to collaborate around initiatives aimed at increasing scholarships for students.

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