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Hampton Roads Messenger features virtual event: Meet the Author Series

HAMPTON, Virginia- The Hampton Roads Messenger Newspaper is hosting a virtual event, Meet the Author Series, Dec 12, 2020, to showcase African American authors. 

The event will feature authors from the Hampton roads area. The authors will get a chance to speak on their genre of books along with reading excerpts from them.

They will also be able to give insight into the writing process and the hardships they endured on their journey. 

The novelists on this panel will present their books that can be great reads while home during the pandemic. 

One of the many novelists that will be on the panel is Deborah Frye from the Hampton Roads area. 

Mrs. Frye specializes in writing in the genre of grieving. She writes novels for adults, young adults, and children. During this time many people around the world are suffering from losses both young and old. 

“2020 has been a year of grief. Don’t miss the good in this year. We need to know we’re not by ourselves and how to get over certain things,” said Frye. 

Kimberly Bright is another featured author who writes to inspire and uplift in her book called “You Were Not Created To Live This Way”. Through her words, she will inspire readers to “face fears one faith step at a time.”

These books along with others will allow readers to step into the different realms of literature and provide the outlets to purchase them. 

During this time of the holiday season in a panoramic, people have so much more time on their hands. It’s the perfect time to take advantage and support black authors as a Christmas gift. 

Registration for the event will be on