Hampton University Celebrates African American Museums During Dual Anniversary Celebration

Hampton University will conclude the dual celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the schools founding and the 40th Anniversary of Dr. William R. Harvey’s presidency by recognizing the Hampton University Museum’s 150th Anniversary, and will host the 40th anniversary conference of the Association of African American Museums from August 8-11, 2018. Reveling the theme, Till Earth and Heaven Ring: Celebrating the Progress and Sustaining the Promise of African American Museum, the Association has convened Black Museum professionals to advocate, collaborate, and advance the field.

“This is a wonderful year for celebrations all around and we want to rejoice and commend Hampton University Museum, the nation’s oldest African American museum in existence,” said Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey. “This is a great milestone reached and we look forward to enjoying the festivities next month with guests from around the country.”

The Association of African American Museums provides professional development and networking opportunities to serve its membership base and African American and African diaspora audiences broadly. The Association has a longstanding success rate of convening leadership from national and international issues of professional development rallying around this worthy cause.

In light of this dual anniversary, Hampton University has curated events that reflect the 1970s and the 1980s, which were important periods which cultivated certain traditions that live on today within the African American community. Through music, style, and expression, individuals of African descent utilize these foundations to bring cause to celebrate and recognize these traditions.

“We wanted to mirror the passion of our outstanding program chair, LaNesha DeBardeleben, as she envisioned the theme as a call to action to look back and celebrate the journey and to look towards our future sustaining African American museums,” said Dr. Vanessa D. Thaxton-Ward, Ph.D., Director of Hampton University Museums and Archives.

The celebration will be culminated with Summer Breeze: An All White Party, where Hampton University will invite guests to the oldest African American Museum in the country and one of the oldest museums in Virginia.

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