Hampton University Hosts First Annual Latino Resource Fair

The Hampton University, University College, hosted their first Annual Latino Resource Fair at the Hampton University Center for Hispanic Achievement and Training (HUCHAT) on Saturday, June 9, 2018 in Newport News, VA. This center, which was a vision of Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey, with the guidance and leadership of Hampton University, University College, provides educational opportunities for the growing number of Hispanic and Latinos of the Hampton Roads community and beyond.

“The Hampton University Center for Hispanic Achievement and Training addresses the growing needs of our community,” said Dr. Harvey. “Hosting the first Annual Latino Resource Fair allows the public to have access to opportunities that will expand their professional horizon.”

The resource fair was open to the public, and provided information from various vendors who were equal opportunity employers ready to share opportunities for professional development.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement (CCC) was one of the many vendors present at the fair. Throughout their presentation, they offered the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ that will help aid individuals with their professional development. CCC includes a vision where poverty is alleviated, people of all races and faith are treated with respect, and all are inspired to serve.

“I believe that this Latino Resource Fair was very important, because there are so many in the Latino community that arrive without knowledge about how our employment system works in the United States,” said Tasha Moss, Employment Specialist for CCC. “Many times, they are very fearful about deportation or jail if they get involved with employment. This leads, many times, to working under the table and other illegal practices. But, they are not bad people. They just lack information. They need to know that they have rights as well, but where do they feel safe to ask the tough questions?  I believe if we give the information in a light and fun sort of way (‘Do’s and Don’ts’) and open up the floor for Q&A, then it will be less intimidating for them to ask the important questions. I truly enjoyed myself and would love to do it again!”

Other Agencies/Vendors Present:

  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Costal Virginia
  • Job Corps
  • Hampton University
  • Newport News Public Schools
  • Peninsula Regional Adult Education Programs (Prep)
  • Peninsula Worklink One Stop Career Center
  • The Hampton University Hispanic/Latino Initiative at University College
  • Virginia Employment Commission
  • The Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education (VTC)
  • York County Head Start Program – Children & Family Services


Guests interact with agency’s regarding new opportunities for professional development.



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