Hampton University Invites Rising High School 10th Graders to Explore the ‘Business of Engineering’

The Hampton University Business of Engineering summer program is currently accepting applications for its two-week program from June 18-June 30, 2018. This program is for rising high school 10th graders.

The Business of Engineering program involves an immersion of engineering projects intertwined with business practice. The program aims to stimulate interest in engineering and business by demonstrating the interdependence of engineering and business in making real-world choices, introducing engineering methodology as a means of problem-solving, exposing students to the entertaining, yet challenging world of engineering, and introducing students to cutting edge, computer-aided design software used to solve day-to-day problems.

“The main thing is really exposure. Our hope is that students choose engineering or business. In the beginning, the primary focus was for them to see what engineering was about so they don’t just choose to go into an engineering field without knowing what the experience is like,” said Dr. Otsebele Nare, Hampton University Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Co-Director of the BOE program. “At times people like to do technical things like open a business, but they do not have the technical expertise. This program will help you learn and see that you can be an engineer and still do business.”

The program is funded by the Department of Energy and managed by the HU School of Engineering and the HU School of Business.

Over the course of two weeks, students learn to engage in collaborative problem solving through interactive fun activities. Professional skills that include public speaking and oral presentation, along with significant teamwork, are also emphasized throughout the camp.

Student Eligibility

•    Applicants must have completed ninth grade by end of spring 2018 and plan to start 10th grade fall 2018.

•    Applicants must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA).

•    Evidence of maturity, stability, adaptability, and self-discipline in new environments.

•    Admission to the program is competitive and based on academic record, essays, and recommendations.

•    $25 Non-Refundable Application/Registration fee – Payable to Hampton University (Camp is Free! No Tuition)

For more information and to pre-register, visit http://busofeng.weebly.com. For additional questions contact program directors at (757) 727-581

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