Hampton University Museum Presents Pathways to Education Exhibit, Chronicling Hampton University and Dr. William R. Harvey Dual Anniversaries

HAMPTON, Va. (Jan. 18, 2018) — The Hampton University Museum, celebrating its 150 anniversary,  presents the “Pathways to Education” exhibit, celebrating 150 years chronicling the History, Legacy and Legend of Hampton University, opening Friday, Jan. 26 at 5:30 p.m.

“Everyone who has attended Hampton University, and anyone who wants to know about our matchless history, needs to see this exhibit,” said Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey. “You will come away glad that you did.”   

“What a humbling experience for the staff of the Hampton University Museum and Archives to present vignettes of this extensive history, highlighting 150 years of Legacy and 40 Years of the legendary work of Dr. William R. and Mrs. Norma B. Harvey,” said Dr. Vanessa Thaxton-Ward, Hampton University Museum Director.  “We are truly proud of this moment in time.”

The History exhibit features the curiosity room, a collection of objects solicited by Hampton University Founder, Brig. Gen. Samuel Chapman Armstrong. The exhibit highlights Armstrong’s intention to use objects as instructive and integral tools to his educational philosophy of teaching by the most practical method.   

“General Armstrong stated, ‘the education of the Freedman is the great work of the day,’ as he began to build this institution that is commemorating 150 years,” said Thaxton-Ward. “Not only did the General have the foresight to establish a school for both African-American men and women, 10 years later he opened the doors to American Indian men and women. He also established a museum in 1868.  As he was fundraising for the school he also asked, ‘I would prefer that you send what you have to send not in money, but rare specimens…the gifts will be very instructive.’”

The Legacy exhibit highlights the storied history of Hampton University from 1868-2018, from its early days as a Normal, Industrial and Agricultural trade school, educating former enslaved African – Americans and Native Americans to the world-class research institution it is today.

The Legend exhibit will take you on a journey of the unparalleled leadership of Dr. William R. and Mrs. Norma B. Harvey, celebrating 40 years of dedicated service to Hampton University. An astute businessman, Harvey has balanced the schools budget every one of his 40 years in charge. More than 70 academic programs have been introduced, including a host of Ph.D. disciplines, and 26 new buildings have been constructed on campus.   

For more information contact the Hampton University Museum at 757-727-5308 or log on to museum.hamptonu.edu

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