Hampton University School of Liberal Arts and Education Hosts 40th Annual Conference on the Black Family

HAMPTON, Va. (Mar. 12, 2018) — The Hampton University School of Liberal Arts and Education presents the 40th Annual Conference on the Black Family: “A Spotlight on Strong Black Families: Faith, Identity, & Community – Building on the Strengths of Black Families through the Arts and Social Sciences,” March 14-16 on the University campus.

“This three-day conference is a must for anyone who wants to strengthen the family and be proud of what it means to have a strong, vibrant family,” Dr. Harvey said. “It is both an honor and privilege to showcase the pride and joy for Mrs. Harvey and me and our family.”

“Too often the conversation about black families is centered on problems,” said Dr. Linda Malone-Colon, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Education. “Those conversations are valuable, but this year’s event will celebrate what makes black families strong and resilient. The Hampton University School of Liberal Arts wants participants to rejoice in a shared, proud history and bright future.”

This year’s conference explores how the cornerstone of faith, the strength of cultural identity, the arts, and psychological/sociological research have impacted black families. The opening keynote speaker will be Roland Martin, the host and managing editor of TV One Cable Network, where for four years he has hosted NewsOne Now, the first daily morning show in history focus on news and analysis of politics, entertainment, sports, and culture from an explicitly African American perspective. Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey and family will be recognized as the 2018 Honored Black Family. Our other guests include scholars like Dr. Ronald Mincy and Dr. James Peterson and popular media personalities such as DJ Envy and Adimu Colon.

Hampton University invites the public to have fun and be inspired with headline performances by Kindred the Family Spirit and Hampton University musicians!

Conference workshop topics include discussions about preserving culture and music within the family unit, the effects of public policy on fatherhood, the fight for social justice and family dynamics, how families have made it work despite having an incarcerated family member, juggling artistic careers and family life, and the prevention of violence among families and youth.

Free pre-registration includes access to workshops, panels, research symposium, program booklet, and a conference gift. The closing program and luncheon are $20.

Register in advance for the 40th Annual Conference on the Black Family at http://events.hamptonu.edu/cbf. There will be no on-site registration available. For more information, call (757) 728-6970

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