Hampton University Upward Bound Celebrates 26 High School Graduates who are Pursuing Higher Education and Military Careers

HAMPTON, Va. (May 28, 2020) – The Hampton University Upward Bound Program is excited to announce the graduation of 26 seniors from four Newport News High Schools: An Achievable Dream, Denbigh, Heritage and Warwick. Several of these students have been accepted to some of Virginia’s top-ranking institutions and others will be pursuing a career in the armed forces while earning their bachelor’s degrees.

“Congratulations to the young men and women from our Upward Bound program on their graduation from high school. Hampton University is dedicated to seeing young people receive a top quality education regardless of their background. Hampton University’s Upward Bound program exposes high school students to the rigorous curricula required to successfully matriculate to college. We are proud to have played a part in the academic journeys of low–income and potential first-generation college students,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

In the midst of COVID-19, the transition to college has been very difficult for these students, as they too have had to transition to virtual and telework operations. “The determination that these and other students across the country have possessed in light of cancelled traditional ceremonies and events is admirable, and our program would like to honor and ensure they get the recognition they deserve,” said Dr. Candice Artis, Director of Hampton University Upward Bound.

Many of the students being recognized have been participating in the Hampton University Upward Bound Program since its return to the university in 2017. It is one of seven federal TRIO programs funded by the Department of Education to increase college access among low-income and potential first-generation college students. The program is designed to aid participants in transitioning and completing a post-secondary program of study after graduating high school. Upward Bound provides services such as academic tutoring, preparation for successful completion of college entrance exams, information about loans and scholarships and much more.

Upward Bound is planning to conduct a neighborhood drive-through during the week of June 1 through June 4. This particular week has been designated as “Senior Week” for Newport News Public Schools.

“We hope to gift seniors with some items to help them transition to college such as a Twin XL comforter sheet sets, pillows, and other small gifts to brighten their spirits,” said Dr. Artis. “With donations from the Hampton University campus community and Newport News stakeholders, we hope to spread as much joy as we can, and let students know how proud we are to assist them in their pursuit for higher education.”

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