Hampton University Welcomes the Class of 2023 During Two-Day Move-In, August 23 and 24

HAMPTON, Va. (August 27, 2019) – It’s that time of year again! Hampton University freshmen have arrived at their new ‘Home by the Sea’ and moved into their residence halls, in preparation of having a successful year during the two-day freshman move-in, August 23 and 24.

Several organizations from Hampton University’s student body and staff were available campus-wide, helping the newest Hamptonians and their families move items into the residence halls. It also provided an opportunity for students to meet their classmates, Resident Assistants, Residence Hall Directors, staff, administrators and get to know the historic campus they will call home for the next several years.

“I feel so comfortable here already and have already met new people. It really feels like home,” said Kamryn Guile, incoming freshman, kinesiology major from Bowie, Maryland. “I’m looking forward to the football games, classes, and learning all that I can.”

Throughout the weekend, students and their families were able to attend social and informative events, including an open mic night, talent show, and the Opening Session on Saturday, August 24, which included a warm welcome address from Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey. Dr. Harvey spoke about the importance of the first day of college for both the parents and the students.

“A sincere welcome to each of you to the place we affectionately call our ‘Home by the Sea.’ To the parents, I extend a special welcome and express my appreciation and wise decision to entrust Hampton University with your son or your daughter. This day is an accomplishment of a dream as your child is now beginning college. Today is both a beginning and ending. You are ending a phrase of parenting in which you have had significant control over your children’s lives. You are now beginning a phase in which you will have an opportunity to see the fruits of your labor as your child begins to now take control of his or her own lives through their own decisions and subsequent actions,” Dr. Harvey stated.

During his address, Dr. Harvey also provided statistics about the incoming class of 2023, such as top majors and the top states the students hail from. He spoke to the incoming students about their wise decision to make Hampton University their “Home by the Sea.”

“Today, you are embarking on what promises to be one of the richest experiences of your very lives. Furthermore, let me assure you that your decision to attend Hampton was a very wise one. I am confident after these 42 years as President, that the decision to choose Hampton was for the same reason that other outstanding young men and women chose to attend Hampton. This university has a commitment to excellence, equal opportunity, quality education and character. We offer dynamic academic programs, athletics programs and support services for our students,” Dr. Harvey said. “When General Armstrong founded Hampton, he said that there were two things that he wanted. One, he wanted a top-notch academic program, which today would be called workforce development. Secondly, he wanted an institution, which was of high character. He said of the two, character was even more important. At Hampton, we believe that good character is the main ingredient for a life well-lived.”

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