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By: U.S Department of Education

The HBCU National Center is a public private partnership with the goal of increasing the number of diverse students from HBCUs with career trajectories in public policy, journalism, health care, technology and other sectors through internships, mentorship, and networking in Washington, D.C.

The Foundation provides grants for two purposes: internship support for HBCU career centers and freehousing for interns. These grants address the structural inequity of housing in Washington and clear a path  from education to transformational careers for HBCU students.

The HBCU National Center:

  • Provides cash grants to HBCUs to advance, promote or sustain the HBCU Washington, D.C. internship program.
  • Provides housing certificates to HBCU students for fully-paid, safe and convenient accommodations at the Center during their internship programs.
  • Promotes opportunities for alumni mentoring, networking, internship placements and workplace entry.
  • Partners with an HBCU to foster the school’s presence in Washington.

Visit our website at:  For more information on grant opportunities, contact Hayley Dashiell at: