Howard University CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield Explains What Being An HBCU Alumna Means to Her

I knew that I wanted to study journalism. I was looking at colleges all over the country with my mom. And then in that family chat about what our plan for college was, my dad said, “Why are you looking at all these places when Howard University is right down the street?” I said “Well, because Howard University is right down the street.” I wanted to broaden my horizons, go elsewhere, disconnect with home, and have the whole college experience. And my dad told me about all the great people who’ve graduated from Howard — Thurgood Marshall, Reverend Andrew Young. I thought, maybe I’ve been taking Howard for granted possibly because it was right down the street — I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. I went on campus and saw Howard’s communications department, and at that point really, there was no looking back. There was something that felt so incredibly comfortabl e about being on campus. I really didn’t know what the experience was going to be, but it just felt right.

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