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IBM Executive & HBCU Student Competition Wednesdays

Come spend 30 minutes with us in IBM Executive & HBCU Student Competition Wednesdays. The Competition is to see which HBCU by % gets the most student attending, creates the most new IBM Academic id’s and downloads the IBM asset covered on the webex. Information then shared with all IBM Executive Speakers.

IBM Executive & HBCU Student Competition Wednesdays

1. IBM Executive talks about what they do and jobs in their space. (10 Minutes)

2) IBM Recruiting talks about current open jobs in IBM (internship and full-time positions). (5 Minutes)

3) IBMer walks students through enrolling in the IBM Academic Initiative (5 Minutes)

4) IBMer walks students through downloading/installing IBM software and accessing courseware for no-charge (10 Minutes)

IBM has a broader tactic in place with downloads on the university lab machines for students who do not have devices to still participate using the labs at your school. By December 16th IBM would like each student to have a trio of software assets downloaded with an academic value of $22,000 per student — all for free.

Date: Wednesday, December 9th and 16th, Time: 4PM Central

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