In D.C., JSU’s chief information officer strategies to build ‘intelligent’ HBCUs

DENT: Dr. Deborah Dent is the chief information officer at Jackson State University. During National HBCU Week in D.C., she joined other institutions for a panel discussion on creating smart campuses. They aim to bolster their research and funding.Contacts: Maxine R. Greenleaf, executive director, 601-979-2272,
                  L.A. Warren, media relations specialist, 601-979-7071,
In D.C., JSU’s chief informaiton officer strategizes to build ‘intelligent’ HBCUs
(JACKSON, Miss.) – Jackson State’ University’s chief information officer Dr. Deborah Dent joined a panel recently to discuss the importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) being “intelligent” campuses.  The title of the forum was ‘Transforming Capacity Building through Vision and Leadership: Smart HBCUs.” It was held during the annual National HBCU Week conference in Washington, D.C.”My goal was to work with fellow panel members and organizers to continue to demarcate the basic smart campus and intelligent campus needs that all of us must have to enhance research and funding competitiveness,” she said. “Efforts are already in progress to move forward with our charge.”Dent said, “We all have smart campuses, but we need to move toward having intelligent campuses. This will require us to access what we have and to develop a digital transformation strategy that aligns with the campus strategic plan. We must also engage a formal business process transformation and move away from automating bad business practices.”The panelists examined various strategies: Discussed the transformation of HBCUs through collaboration to successfully compete for federal funding and garner private sector supportProvided promising practices for developing smart HBCUs for student and institutional success through leadership and visionBegan a dialogue between HBCUs for collaboration in the development of smart institutions                                                                                    – JSU –
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