JCSU Statement on Supreme Court Ending Affirmative Action in College Admissions

By: Johnson C. Smith University

Johnson C. Smith University, founded in 1867 for the education of men who were recently freed from enslavement, has long been committed to providing a high-quality education to students from diverse racial, ethnic, socio-economic and geographic backgrounds. The University is concerned the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that higher education institutions cannot use race as a factor in admissions may limit access to higher education for Black and Brown students, particularly access to elite private and flagship state-supported universities.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision rolls back decades of thoughtful consideration of race in admission decisions for institutions of higher education,” said JCSU President Clarence D. Armbrister. “It is a sad day for diversity in America. By limiting race in admissions decisions, the Supreme Court has begun to reconstruct the roadblocks that blocked the paths of African Americans in this country for the over 400 years we have been here. Those of us who work at HBCUs already know talent can be found in all hues of people.”

As one of the nation’s oldest and best small, private historically Black universities, Johnson C. Smith University is an excellent option for Black students seeking a college education in a nurturing environment that affirms their heritage and prepares them to be leaders in the rapidly changing 21st century workplace. Our rich HBCU traditions, market-driven academic majors and location in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, makes JCSU a top choice for students seeking academic rigor, individualized learning, impactful internships, and solid preparation for graduate schools and successful careers.

JCSU remains committed to providing an affordable, academically rigorous education and vibrant student life programs for all traditional and non-traditional students seeking a college education. We will join with other colleges and universities in monitoring the impact this Supreme Court ruling has on higher education in the United States. 

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