Lincoln University School of Education Hosts 3rd Annual Future Educators Conference

By: Jana Woods

JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI — In March, the Lincoln University School of Education hosted its third annual Future Educators Conference, featuring the theme: Rising to Meet the Challenges of Teaching in the 21st Century.

Event highlights included a keynote speech by Dr. Terri Steffes, a two-time LU alumnus (Class of 2002 and 2007) and teacher development specialist for the Heart of Missouri Regional Professional Development Center. In addition, Missouri Teacher of the Year 2021 Darrion Cockrell gave a special presentation. Breakout sessions were led by Ritchie Cherry (Conquering the Classroom by Building Relationships), 2017 Missouri Teacher of the Year Darbie Valenti Huff (Trauma-Informed Classrooms), Shelley Kleene (Kagan Cooperative Learning – Increasing Student Engagement) and Tim Thompson (Nuts and Bolts: Tools for the Pre-Service Educator and First Year Teacher).

Also during the event, three LU students were presented with the School of Education 150th Celebration Award: Zamar Brake, an elementary/special education major from Easton, Pennsylvania; Aysia Finney, a special education major from Kansas City, Missouri; and Jeongeun Kim, an elementary education major from South Korea. To qualify for the award, students must have a 3.0 or greater high school GPA; have chosen a major in business, education or nursing; enroll in at least 15 credit hours per semester; and be recommended by a School of Education faculty member. 

As this year’s winners, Break, Finney and Kim each received $1,000. Ernestine Newsome, an LU School of Education alum (Class of 1975) helped present the award, along with Dr. Stephanie Clark and Dr. Ayanna Shivers.

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