By: Texas Southern University

Journey to Commencement celebrated
Texas Southern University celebrated all freshman and sophomore students during a Matriculation Convocation held in Sawyer Auditorium.“Today is a celebration of the commitment we’ve made to ourselves, to those who love us, and to those who look up to us,” said TSU President Lesia L. Crumpton-Young during her convocation address. “When you graduate and someone asks you ‘What is a matriculation convocation?’ you can tell them it’s a celebration of your journey.”Every freshman and sophomore in attendance received a special gift to acknowledge where they are on the journey and that they will wear on graduation day. Freshman received cords. Sophomores received tassels to be worn with their graduation caps. During the convocation, Acting Provost Dr. Lilian B. Poats also explained, with the help of a student model (TSU doctoral student Morgan Utsey-Williams, pictured above) the portrait of a graduate wearing the cord and tassel, as well as the stole and graduation medallion that junior and senior students receive, respectively.
President Crumpton-Young encouraged students to persevere through the hard work required to reach graduation, citing nothing worth having ever comes easy.“It’s a celebration of things to come. It honors you, the commitment you’ve made, and it helps to remind you of the work that you will have to do. Yes, you will have to do some work along this journey. Earning that college degree, while it is a wonderful achievement, will not come easy,” she said.SGA President Dexter Maryland (pictured above at podium) shared a special word of encouragement especially for students who are the first in their family to attend college.“I believe you are more than capable of defying the odds set against you,” Maryland said. I challenge you all to raise the standard for yourself. I know you can complete your degree in four years. In order to do that, you have to lock in to the journey you’re taking to secure a successful future. I’m challenging you to unlock that faith within yourself to be the best version of you and matriculate through your college experience.”See additional photos from the Matriculation Convocation below and via TSU flickr.

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