Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference / Hampton University Agree to Amicable Separation

NORFOLK, Va.  (Mar. 11, 2018) — The Council of Chief Executive Officers of the Mid-Eastern
Athletic Conference (MEAC)
and Hampton University have come to an amicable agreement
with regards to Hampton’s resignation from the conference.
Hampton University consents to a fine of an undisclosed amount for failing to meet the MEAC’s
July 1, 2017 deadline for withdrawal from the Conference.
The MEAC and Hampton University have agreed to terms
that are fair to both parties. This agreement allows for
Hampton University and MEAC member institutions to
play as non-conference opponents in the future and
preserves the traditional rivalries held dear by
stakeholders of both Hampton University and the MEAC.
“Hampton University values our relationship with the
MEAC and I believe this agreement is best for all parties
going forward,” said Dr. William R. Harvey, President of
Hampton University. “This agreement is not only what’s
best for Hampton University and the MEAC, but it is what’s
best for our collective students, alumni, boosters and fans.”
“We are very pleased with the agreement reached between the MEAC and Hampton University,”
said Dr. Dennis E. Thomas, MEAC Commissioner. “We wish Hampton University student-
athletes, coaches and staff continued success in their future endeavors.”
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