N.C.’s Democratic Members of Congress Respond to Moore v. Harper Decision

By: Office of Congresswoman Alma Adams

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 27, 2023) – Following the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Moore v. Harper, North Carolina’s congressional Democrats – Representatives Alma Adams (NC-12), Deborah Ross (NC-02), Kathy Manning, (NC-06), Don Davis (NC-01), Valerie Foushee (NC-04), Wiley Nickel (NC-13), and Jeff Jackson (NC-14) – released the below statement:

“The Supreme Court of the United States has rejected a dangerous, undemocratic theory advanced by the Republicans in the NC General Assembly. The Supreme Court held that the Constitution does not give state legislatures unlimited power and does not exempt them from state constitutional law. The ‘Independent State Legislature’ theory has been rejected.

“The idea brought forward by the General Assembly Republicans challenged a fundamental American principle: constitutional checks and balances. If the ‘Independent State Legislature’ theory had been adopted, gerrymandered state legislatures would be able to draw even more partisan maps to lock in their preferred districts and would have no fear of court review and have even less accountability to citizens and voters. It would have caused a crisis for American democracy.

“Today’s landmark decision in Moore v. Harper also corrects a problematic opinion from the North Carolina Supreme Court earlier this year, in which the court held that North Carolina’s judiciary does not have the power to weigh in on partisan gerrymandering. As the state legislature prepares to draw new districts, North Carolina’s Supreme Court can and must ensure fair elections and fair districts.”

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