NC Democrats Decry Decision that Disenfranchises Voters

NC State Supreme Court Decision “allows politicians to choose their voters”

By: Office of Congresswoman Alma Adams

WASHINGTON, D.C. – North Carolina’s Congressional Democrats –Representatives Alma Adams (NC-12), Kathy Manning (NC-06), Deborah Ross (NC-02), Valerie Foushee (NC-04), Wiley Nickel (NC-13), Jeff Jackson (NC-14), and Don Davis (NC-01) released the following joint statement in response to today’s decision by the Supreme Court of the State of North Carolina that legalizes extreme partisan gerrymandering by overturning existing jurisprudence:

“Today is a sad day for democracy. The North Carolina State Supreme Court made partisan gerrymandering legal once again. Their ruling, which allows politicians to choose their voters, disenfranchises the people of our state.

“People of conscience can agree from both a moral and legal standpoint that the State Supreme Court has ruled in error. Section 2 of the North Carolina State Constitution declares, ‘All political power is vested in and derived from the people; all government of right originates from the people.’ Section 10 is even simpler: ‘All elections shall be free.’ Today’s decision breaks those constitutional promises.

“As North Carolina’s Congressional Democrats, we will continue to pursue legislation at the federal level that prohibits power-hungry politicians from trampling over your civil rights, including your sacred right to vote in free and fair elections.”