New Tiger Transfer Hub Adds Transparency, Simplicity to Transfer Process

HOUSTON (November 13, 2019) – Students in Texas and beyond who are interested in transferring to Texas Southern University have gained a valuable new tool that makes the process more transparent and easier to navigate. Last week, the university unveiled the Tiger Transfer Hub, which provides potential Tigers with a set of tools they can use as they consider transferring to TSU.

Through the Tiger Transfer Hub, students can see how credits will transfer from their current college/university to a TSU degree. They can also track their transfer steps, deadlines/progress, and much more.

“We want students to avoid the frustration of finding out too late that a certain class or set of classes don’t transfer,” said Janna Chancey, senior associate vice president of enrollment management. “The transfer hub takes the guesswork out of it, and it gives students a clear picture of what will transfer – based on their current or anticipated major – and where they stand in the process.”

Chancey encourages anyone student who is considering transfer to TSU to visit the transfer hub at At the same time, students with questions may also contact the Office of the Registrar (713.313.7071 or, which has advisors who can help work through the process and show how to navigate the Tiger Transfer Hub.

By: Texas Southern University