North Carolina A&T State University Fined $2 Million by UNC System

By: HBCU Staff

As a result of the high number of out-of-state freshmen admitted over the previous two years, North Carolina A&T State University has been penalized and fined. After a vote, the UNC System Board of Governors decided that close to $2 million of N.C. A&T’s current budget would have to be cut. The Board of Governors of the UNC System altered the residency policy in order to increase the enrollment cap years ago. 

The UNC System claimed that N.C. A&T went over their permitted limitations. According to the UNC System, N.C. A&T had 41% out-of-state students enrolled in 2021. The maximum enrollment at N.C. A&T is 35%. Other institutions, such as Winston-Salem State University and UNCG, have caps of 25% and 18%, respectively.

Though not all were in agreement with the hefty fine, according to WFYM News, James Holmes, a member of the UNC System Board of Governors, claimed that the decision to fine the university was made administratively and that it is imperative to enforce policies. It was said by Holmes that, “We have a rule that is put in place.” In terms of having opposing views, according to WFYM, Joel Ford, a member of the Board of Governors, disagreed with the fine. He states, “Fundamentally speaking, we have campuses and in time, environments that are struggling with enrollment, and here we have one of our HMSI’s (Historically Minority-Serving Institution) that is experiencing historical seasonal growth. Fundamentally, I cannot support a policy that’s going to take $2 million away from a university when in reality they can use every dime they can get to continue that mission.“ 

As stated in the WFYM article, N.C. A&T’s Todd Simmons said in a statement that the university has sincere regret for what has been done and will put procedures in place to prevent a recurrence of the issue.