Nurse Mo, Hampton University Alumna, Motivates Nursing Students to be Excellent

Hampton Univewrsity

HAMPTON, Va.– Hampton University alumna, Monique Doughty (’10), visited campus during Homecoming weekend to deliver a powerful keynote speech to students interested in the nursing profession where she held a question and answer session, and provided giveaways such as medical apparel and stethoscopes.

Hampton Univewrsity

“It is delightful to have our alumni step back onto their ‘Home by the Sea.’ I believe that life is a game of choice, not chance. Ms. Doughty has chosen to succeed, and we love seeing our students flourish in life,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

Doughty, also known as “Nurse Mo” or The Resilient Nurse, is a critical care nurse from Philadelphia, PA. After graduating from Hampton University in 2010, she started her nursing career at the #1 Level Trauma Center in Atlanta and began working in Intensive Care. After that, Doughty began travel nursing and has traveled to many states working at top institutions in the country in various aspects of critical care including Cardiac Intensive Care, Liver Transplant Intensive Care, and Neurosurgical Critical Care.

Nurse Mo began blogging a few years ago and now has a social media network of over 162,000 followers, primarily women. Her purpose is to “motivate, uplift and empower women to remove limiting beliefs, particularly those of color,” Doughty said. “My voice is to encourage my audience, regardless of where they come from, and let them know that their possibilities are limitless. I encourage those facing adversity to use my speech as a stepping stone to be resilient.”

The purpose of her speaking engagements is to provide women and listeners with the tools they need to see the world. Doughty wants to uplift and encourages her audience to choose faith over fear.

“To come back somewhere you left over eight years ago and still have a presence is really phenomenal, which shows you how strong our network truly is here at HU, so it’s an honor,” said Doughty. She has great advice for students. “Stop making excuses and be excellent. Believe in yourself and if you don’t believe in yourself yet, brainwash yourself into thinking you’re amazing, you’re phenomenal, you can do it and that takes a lot of work. It’s reading, positive materials, course work, praying or meditating, whatever your choice is, and really making an active decision that you’re going to accomplish whatever you want to because thousands of people do every day and you’re just as special.”

“During this past summer, I had some students ask me, ‘Do you know who Nurse Mo is?’ and I said, ‘Well who is she?’ and they answered, ‘She’s everything.’ So that prompted me to do some research about her. I connected to her through social media and was empowered to do so after the Faculty Institute where there was a session on various generations. We have to do something different to bridge that generation gap. As faculty, we have to meet the students where they are. So I reached out to Nurse Mo and invited her to come back to her home,” said Twanda Gainer, Assistant Professor for the Hampton University School of Nursing. “It was great to have Nurse Mo come and talk to the nursing and pre-nursing students because she is living the life that they want, this is what they’re working towards. Overall, it was a great event which confirmed to me that as faculty, we have to do something different, we have to be open to the next generation in regards to what motivates them, influences them, and I think social media is a big part of that.”

To learn more about Monique Doughty’s future speaking engagements, go to or you can follow her on Instagram @Iamnursemo and @theresilientnurse.