Over 4,000 People Expected to “Experience Hampton for a Day” at Hampton University

Hampton, VA – Hampton University is thrilled to announce the anticipation of welcoming over 4,000 individuals to its esteemed campus for the 44th Annual High School Day, scheduled for April 5 on the campus of Hampton U.

High School Day promises an immersive experience tailored to showcase the rich academic, cultural, and social fabric that defines Hampton University.

“High School Day at Hampton University embodies our commitment to delivering the #1 student experience in America,” said Hampton University President Darrell K. Williams, a distinguished alumnus from the class of 1983. “It’s a day where the essence of our institution, rooted in excellence and inclusivity, shines bright, inspiring the next generation of leaders.”

Hampton U.’s High School Day serves as a gateway for prospective students to explore the vast opportunities available, from innovative academic programs to engaging extracurricular activities.

“At Hampton, we seek students who are not only academically driven but also possess a passion for making a positive impact on their communities,” said Angela Boyd, assistant vice president for Enrollment Management and dean of Admission. “High School Day provides an opportunity for all students to immerse themselves in our vibrant campus life, fostering connections and igniting aspirations.”

Boyd emphasized Hampton University’s dedication to nurturing diverse talent. “Our students are competitive when they leave Hampton,” said Boyd. “They know that when they enter the workforce they are equally prepared and when they apply to graduate school they have an equal opportunity to be selected.”

High School Day attendees can expect interactive campus tours, informative sessions led by faculty and staff, and engaging student-led activities designed to showcase Hampton’s dynamic community.

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