By: Office of the Vice President 

Q    Madam Vice President, why come to Florida?  Why come to Florida on an issue like abortion rights?  Do you believe it’s going to really turn out voters here?
THE VICE PRESIDENT:  So, I’m here in Florida to do a number of things. 
Immediately, I’m going to be speaking with a group of Black women leaders about the issues that I believe are most pressing and most immediate for the women of America, including the issue of choice. 
Later, I’ll be meeting with Florida State legislators.
And then, I will end the day here in Florida, in Tampa, meeting with American service members who are working in an extraordinary way to defend our liberties and our freedoms and to ensure the security of our homeland. 
When I think about the issue of choice, the President and I feel very strongly that we have a duty and obligation to protect the American people, including American women, and that includes the women in Florida. 
Here in Florida, just most recently, a law was passed — effective, I believe, July 1st — that is going to allow the government to impose its decisions on the women of Florida instead of giving women the right to choose to make decisions about some of the most personal matters a woman could have to deal with. 
We say and it is our position and it’s the position of the majorit- — of the majority of Americans: Let women, including the women of Florida, make those most personal decisions for themselves, in consultation with their priest or their pastor or their rabbi.  But it should not be the government making those decisions.
In Florida, in particular, there’s no exception for rape or incest.
So, I’m here to speak with these leaders to talk about what we can do together to ensure that we use all that is within our capacity to protect the women of America, which includes the women of Florida.

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