Rep. Adams Alongside Survivors Find Solutions for Domestic Abuse Victims

U.S. Reps. Jeff Jackson and Alma Adams celebrated a $2.5 million grant to construct the Umbrella Center in Charlotte. The center will provide refuge for domestic violence survivors and their children. Rashida Gittens, a domestic violence survivor, expressed her relief, stating, “We have fought long and hard for this day.” The center aims to simplify access to resources for survivors. Gittens and Audra Toussant are dedicated to using their voices to support others, and the center will offer legal, medical, and job assistance, as well as child services and counseling.

The collaboration between Safe Alliance, Pat’s Place, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police has made the Umbrella Center possible. Rep. Adams, a survivor herself, emphasized the importance of providing support for children affected by domestic violence. “Sometimes women who need this help don’t get it for various reasons,” Rep. Adams said. “Sometimes they’re afraid. It just didn’t affect me as a mother, but also my children. They were very young.”

The future center is expected to serve over 10,000 people annually, a significant increase from the current capacity of about 40 people per month, and is set to open in the summer of 2026.