‘Say Less Just Vote’ Block Party

Nashville, TN-Fisk University is excited to host a ‘say less just vote’ event on November 1st. The event is a celebration of civic power and a continuation of Fisk’s long legacy of student activism and commitment to social justice. Fisk remains deeply committed to the importance of political voice and the strengthening of democratic rights. Fisk’s student body is passionate about political participation and raising awareness around the issues that continue to define our everyday lives. The event will be hosted in partnership with Fisk’s John Lewis Center for Social Justice and will bring together students as well as members of the community to celebrate the importance and power of the right to vote. In the spirit of celebration, there will be music, food, and entertainment.

“Fisk students have always been at the forefront of the fight for voting rights, from the 1960s to current day battles against voter suppression. This event is a space to lift up that legacy and celebrate our vision for a multiracial democracy,” Justin Jones, Dem Nominee for State House District 52.

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