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Sign up for Medicare Part B Online, By Mail, or By Fax

Your don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to sign up for Medicare
Part B. If you are already enrolled in Medicare Part A and would like to
enroll in Part B, you must complete form
Application for Enrollment in Medicare – Part B (Medical Insurance). If
they are applying for Medicare Part B due to a loss of employment or group
health coverage, they will also need to complete form
(Request for Employment Information).
You can complete and submit the forms online by visiting our new Medicare
Part B webpage<>; complete and return
the forms by mail to their local Social Security
office<>; or complete and fax the
forms to 1-833-914-2016. If you have questions, please contact Social
Security at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778).
Social Security and Protecting Elders from Scams
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was June 15. We recognize how important it
is to protect older people from scammers. In times like the current
pandemic when people are particularly vulnerable, scammers will pretend to
be Social Security or other government employees to gain people’s trust to
steal their money and personal information. They may even pose as COVID-19
contact tracers working to stop the spread of the virus and ask for
payment or your Social Security number. Please remind everyone that the
most effective way to defeat scammers is by knowing how to identify scams
and by hanging up or ignoring the calls and emails.
If you get a Social Security scam phone call, they should hang up and
report it to our law enforcement office at<>.
If you ever owe money to Social Security, we will mail you a letter
explaining your payment options and appeal rights. If you get a call about
a Social Security problem, be very cautious. If you do not have ongoing
business with the agency, or if the caller mentions suspending your Social
Security number or makes other threats, the call is likely a scam. Ignore
it, hang up, and report it to us at<>.
Reporting Earnings Online When You’re Disabled
Social Security provides an online wage reporting service that allows
Social Security disability beneficiaries and their representative payees,
and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients and deemors to report
wages securely online through my Social Security.
This online option allows you to avoid visiting a field office to report
your wages in person and allows you to print or save a receipt of your
report. SSI wage reporters can also use our SSI Telephone Wage Reporting
and SSI Mobile Wage Reporting applications. People must still contact an
office to report when they first start working for each new employer. It
is also important to note that representative payees are able to report
wages, but won’t have access to the beneficiaries’ or recipient’s other
You and your clients can visit<> today to
learn more about this convenient online service.