Students react during the graduation ceremony of the 2010 class at Hampton University in Virginia May 9, 2010. U.S. President Barack Obama delivered the commencement address at the graduation and was conferred an honorary doctor of laws degree. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS EDUCATION IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR2DNV8

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National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationOpen Prize CompetitionsThe main challenges of interest that are live right now areNASA TechRise Student Challenge 2022-23NASA Earth Science in Action Comic Strip ContestUltralight StarshadeSpacecraft Docking Adapter with a Flexible but Load-Bearing FloorMars Spectrometry: Detect Evidence for Past LifeNote also that we also have a crowd search (not a challenge) currently going on with that is: NASA Inclusive and Equitable Hybrid Work Environment that is identifying tools, techniques, methods, ideas, concepts, and platforms for hybrid/remote work, focusing on solutions that can recreate spontaneous interactions in an inclusive way.Finally, one thing I wanted to mention during our discussion was something novel we are doing internally at NASA to engage HBU’s – all of our task orders for crowdsourcing challenges include the following outreach requirements language:“Provide marketing and outreach that promotes the participation of underserved and/or minority communities and educational institutions.”Technology LicensingWe manage the JSC intellectual property portfolio to facilitate the commercialization of NASA-sponsored research and technology and provide strong assistance to entrepreneurs, companies, and investors to bring NASA technologies to the marketplace.NASA develops all sorts of technology to solve the tough challenges of exploring space, advancing the understanding of our home planet, and improving air transportation.Often, those same inventions have other untapped applications.Through patent licensing, those technologies can be transformed into commercial products and solutions that can give a startup or new business that competitive edge.Tech Transfer UniversityNASA’s T2U program connects universities with NASA-developed technology to give students the opportunity to work with federal government research and technology.SBIR/STTRSBIR is Small Business Innovation Research, STTR is Small Business Technology Transfer.STRGs and EPSCOR for academia (students and faculty) This program provides early stage funding and experience working directly with NASA experts on missions, a way to hone business skills while de-risking your technology as it develops, and a community of like-minded people.

giant eagle logoGiant EagleHere are our current roles for you to share with your constituents. Thanks so much for your partnership! Take care, Kim Kim McNelis Senior Specialty Recruiter Giant Eagle 412-963-5279 Giant Eagle Jobs – Information Technology Showing the top 20 jobs – View All Jobs

National HBCU Center LogoHBCU National CenterThe HBCU National Center is a public private partnership with the goal of increasing the number of diverse students from HBCUs with career trajectories in public policy, journalism, health care, technology and other sectors through internships, mentorship, and networking in Washington, D.C.The Foundation provides grants for two purposes: internship support for HBCU career centers and freehousing for interns. These grants address the structural inequity of housing in Washington and clear a path  from education to transformational careers for HBCU students.The HBCU National Center:Provides cash grants to HBCUs to advance, promote or sustain the HBCU Washington, D.C. internship program.Provides housing certificates to HBCU students for fully-paid, safe and convenient accommodations at the Center during their internship programs.Promotes opportunities for alumni mentoring, networking, internship placements and workplace entry.Partners with an HBCU to foster the school’s presence in Washington.Visit our website at:  For more information on grant opportunities, contact Hayley Dashiell at:

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