HOUSTON (April 16, 2020) –As Texas Southern University students have made the transition to online learning, online tutoring is available to assist students as they navigate this new normal. The mission of the Student Academic Support Services (SASS) department – to provide academic support to TSU students – has transitioned in unique ways to help many students who have never experienced online instruction. The online tutoring department, SASS Online Tutoring (S.O.T.) employs peer tutors to help students maximize their academic potential. 

Peer tutors utilize popular platforms like Tik Tok to interact with students. Mobile video conferencing application BlueJeans is utilized to create brief and engaging videos that recap academic content for specific courses. Google Voice is also used to assist via text messaging and hosting live drill workshops for specific courses.  

Marlene Garza, a graduate student studying Professional Communication, joined the SASS department in spring 2018 as a Spanish tutor. Garza has also utilized the department for academic assistance.  

“The transition to online tutoring services since COVID-19 has been smooth and successful. We have been utilizing the BlueJeans platform to conduct virtual online tutoring,” said Garza, “Students have successfully booked appointments with our tutors and have been able to receive the same support online as they did in person.” 

Garza said she has seen an increase in students utilizing the online tutoring service since the transition. “Our tutors here at SASS have all of the resources needed in order to conduct successful online tutoring sessions,” said Garza. 

In addition to assisting with core classes offered at the institution, a help desk feature is located on the department’s website: https://www.txsusass.com/tutorial-center. On Mondays from noon – 1 p.m., Tutorial Services hosts #MotivationalMonday, which is a live session on social media platform Instagram to connect with students and provide comprehensive tips and encouragement to finish the semester strong. 

Tutorial Services also created several partnerships across campus in efforts to serve students effectively. It partnered with the MLK Writing Center to provide additional personnel to support online tutorial support for more students. TSU’s Academic Skills Center works with Tutorial Services to host interactive Question & Answer sessions. The department also has joined with the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences to provide tutorial services to P1 students.  

The Jesse H. Jones School of Business Graduate Tutors are offering tutoring

services from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday on Google Hangouts. For more information contact Naveed Haider at naveed.haider@tsu.edu

Below are several different ways to schedule an appointment with Tutorial Services:  

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