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Texas Southern University’s Center for Justice Research Receives Donation from Chevron to Support Justice Reform Research

HOUSTON, TX –November 16, 2020 –The Center for Justice Research (CJR) at
Texas Southern University received support from Chevron with a $50,000
grant, aiding the Center’s research on equity-based criminal justice

Since the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery and Breonna Taylor, the
role of police officers in our cities has become a focal point for
Americans everywhere. Support from corporations like Chevron are vital for
the researchers at CJR, who will use the funding to continue their mission
of discovering data-driven solutions that can address any inequities in
our criminal justice system.

“We are grateful for the support of Chevron in our quest to bring
awareness to the need for a criminal justice system that treats everyone
fairly, regardless of race and socioeconomic status,” said Dr. Howard
Henderson, founding director of the Center for Justice Research. “The
important work conducted by our researchers will continue to educate
policy makers and practitioners in the criminal justice realm, while
simultaneously preparing the next generation of justice-oriented

With broad stakeholder and community support, CJR’s work has revealed
distinct insights and solutions. For example, the wider impact of COVID-19
on historically disenfranchised populations and assessing the impact of a
prison-based postsecondary education are just two of the projects CJR is
undertaking<> to expand our
understanding of the culturally-responsive solutions necessary for
criminal justice reform.

The Center’s researchers and the work they conduct reverberates with the
larger research and academic community, earning praise from distinguished

“The Center for Justice Research is committed to engaging in
policy-relevant research that will contribute to the building of a
democratic American society based on peaceful co-existence, tolerance,
mutual respect and social justice, including a criminal justice system
that is fair to all,” said Dr. George Klay Kieh, Jr., Dean Of the Barbara
Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.

Other leaders at TSU recognize that consistently advocating for structural
systemic change in America is a demanding challenge but a necessary one if
we are to live in a more equitable society.

“The work completed at the Center for Justice Research is important
because it improves the lives of not only those in Black communities, but
the lives of all Americans everywhere by challenging biases and
assumptions within our criminal justice system.” said Dr. David Baker,
Interim Chair and an Associate Professor in the Administration of Justice
Department at the Barbara Jordan- Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.

The Center was created at TSU in January 2018 with the focus of bringing
together an experienced research collective. Our results are ultimately
disseminated to key policy decision makers and community stakeholders. As
the only university-level criminal justice research center on the campus
of a historically black college or university, CJR is in a unique position
to bring new perspectives and ideas to criminal justice reform, leading to
bolder, unprecedented solutions.

Chevron partners with local governments, businesses, nongovernmental
organizations and communities to identify local needs, investing in
solutions and programs that will deliver measurable and lasting results.
Chevron has an enduring legacy of valuing diversity and inclusion and is
making a $15 million investment to support the Black community aimed at
addressing barriers to equity – a commitment that aligns with its goal to
improve lives, create opportunity and power the world forward. The $15
million commitment advances the company’s long-term support of racial
equity that focuses on four strategic pillars: education; job creation;
Black talent and leadership development, and community and small business

Chevron is working to expand its relationships with community, business
and educational partners such as K-12 STEM organizations and Historically
Black Colleges and Universities (HCBUs). More information about diversity
and inclusion at Chevron is available online
Statements from company leaders on racial injustice can be found online

To contact or learn more about CJR’s research and strategic engagement
efforts, please visit our website<>.