The Vandalism Of A&T Campus

By: Victor Greene

During homecoming week, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University was vandalized early Tuesday morning. An individual wearing all black, walked onto A&T University’s campus and began vandalizing signs and buildings with white spray paint. The messages that were spray painted on the campus were vulgar and expletive. Since the vandalism occurred, a more serious question could be asked: Is the campus safe? After this incident, I asked students how they felt during homecoming week. “I feel like it didn’t stop us or impact us at all because it was a small incident and it got cleaned up quickly,” Leon said. “I know A&T; they’re going to handle the problem. There’s no need to stress about it, “Jamal said. “I don’t see any vandalism anywhere, buildings are clean. So, I’m going to class, like nothing even happened,” Jazmine said. 

Homecoming week is a time when everyone is in a good mood. The vandalism didn’t phase students because everyone was trying to enjoy the festivities, food, and family. Campus police were stationed at several places. They couldn’t be everywhere at once. Since the incident, school officials have not said how much the cost is to fix the damages of the vandalized property.