Three Hampton University Students Earn Exclusive Bloomberg News Business Journalism Internships


HAMPTON, Va. – Three Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications students have landed exclusive paid internships at Bloomberg News in New York City.

Senior strategic communication major Aviel Brown, who is taking her final classes at HU this semester, claimed a spot in the winter program. Senior journalism major Jarrell Dillard and junior journalism major Randall Williams were offered slots for next summer.

The students connected with Bloomberg through Professor Butch Maier’s JAC 451 Business Journalism course in HU’s Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. The school welcomed recruiters from the media giant to campus four times this semester.

“I am so honored and excited to start as a Bloomberg winter intern in a few weeks,” Brown said. “I have worked really hard over the last year on my financial knowledge and writing skills to ensure I would be prepared for this opportunity.

“Now I just can’t wait to get started!”

Williams was equally ready.

“Summer 2019 can’t come soon enough,” he said. “I took business journalism to learn more about [it] and Bloomberg. It’s helped me gain so much knowledge on that specific area of journalism. … I’d advise anyone who’s interested in writing/reporting to take this class because it helps you expand your mind on things you wouldn’t even think of.”

Dillard, associate editor for The Hampton Script, needed extra convincing from Maier — adviser to the school newspaper — to take the class.

“Initially, I took business journalism only because Professor Maier asked me to sign up,” he said. “But the class has far exceeded my expectations. … When I got the call saying I was chosen for the internship, I was completely in shock and very excited.

“I’m so grateful for the class and all of the doors that it has opened for me.”

Maier, a former editor-in-chief of Inside Business in Norfolk who has 24 years of journalism experience, has been working at Hampton University since last fall teaching JAC 451, the Business Journalism course. Prior to this year, only one intern had been chosen to study at Bloomberg. Since Maier has arrived on campus, four of his students have been offered internships by the company. That’s a sign of growth and progress underneath the leadership of Professor Maier.

“I am impressed and proud of the progress of this area of study in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications,” said DàVida Plummer, Dean of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications. “I look forward to a strengthened and even greater mutually beneficial relationship with Bloomberg L.P.”

“I am ecstatic for Aviel, Jarrell and Randall,” Maier said. “Like a lot of students who take the course, these three were unsure about business journalism when the class started, but they soon learned the subject is not as intimidating as it sounds.

“The theme for the course is ‘Follow the Money.’ Aviel did, utilizing the Bloomberg Terminal the company allows us to use to dig deeper for business stories, and it has paid off for her with this valuable opportunity.

“After meeting one of the Bloomberg reps during a previous visit, Randall was in steady contact with the company before he even took my class. So he put himself in position to get noticed and then put in the work to get chosen.

“Those late nights working alongside Jarrell in The Script office and mentioning the course — often — resulted in him giving business journalism a try.

“Now look where it has led. New York City. How many students would love to find their way there?

“Our school, via this class, offers an express route from HU to NYC.”

JAC 451 Business Journalism is an elective with no prerequisites. The course will be taught again by Maier in the Spring 2019 semester. It is listed as Section 02.

There still are spots available for students looking for a class and, perhaps, a valuable internship.

“I encourage any students who might be on the fence about business journalism or Bloomberg to really take a second look,” Brown said, “because I am proof that the opportunity is real.”