TSU announces historic new College of Transdisciplinary Studies

By: Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University is launching a new college that creates a pathway for people who started college, but did not complete their degree program. The College of Transdisciplinary Studies will assist students to continue their education and complete and earn a baccalaureate degree or master’s degree. This new college is the first ever college of transdisciplinary studies approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and offers a range of degree programs to satisfy the needs of students who have previously stopped out of higher education.

“The creation of the College of Transdisciplinary Studies at Texas Southern demonstrates the university’s commitment to providing innovative pathways that will enable more Texans to complete higher education credentials with a clear line of sight to good jobs and expanded career opportunities,” said Commissioner of Higher Education, Dr. Harrison Keller. “I applaud Texas Southern University’s efforts to give Texans the flexibility and support they need to be successful.”

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