Two JCSU Tech Students Selected for Prestigious Harvard Business School Summer Program

Johnson C.Smith

By: Johnson C. Smith University

This summer is much more than “business as usual” for two JCSU computer science majors.

Hannah Anderson ’23 and Paige Davis ’23 are spending a week of their summer at Harvard Business School participating in the university’s Summer Venture Management Program in Boston. This distinguished program accepts only 180 students each year and is aimed at increasing diversity and opportunity in business education and global commerce.

Needless to say, Anderson and Davis were thrilled when they received news of their acceptance into the program.

“When I received the notification, I was excited and emotional,” said Anderson. “A girl from Oakland, Calif., who attends an HBCU was selected by Harvard Business School for a competitive summer management program.”

“I was surprised, nervous and faced some imposter syndrome,” Davis added. “After soaking it in, I realized that this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and I deserve to be there because of all the hard work I’ve put in.”

That effort has resulted in several other achievements for the two rising seniors. Their achievements, as well as their leadership and personal characteristics, helped them to stand out in the application process.

During the academic year, both Anderson and Davis were Product Management Fellows and Tech Venture Fellows in the Smith Tech-Innovation Center at JCSU. The center provides students with skills, non-credit bearing credentials, knowledge, habits, abilities, and networks through fellowships, applied research, and entrepreneurial immersions to complement their academic studies. Anderson and Davis participated in case discussions, hackathons, design thinking and pitch competitions.

“We are very proud that two of our students were selected to participate in this prestigious program,” said Terik Tidwell, executive director of the Smith Tech-Innovation Center at JCSU. We want our students to have the capacity to pursue and seize opportunities.”

Outside of the classroom and beyond the gates of JCSU, Anderson will spend the summer as a Technology Consultant intern with Deloitte, and Davis will be interning as a Product Manager at Strava, a new start-up company valued at more than $1 billion.

The Summer Venture Management Program will allow Davis and Anderson to experience life as an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. They will live on campus; analyze case studies; debate management issues with their peers, faculty and alumni; and attend regular classes.

The students are looking forward to strengthening their business acumen, getting out of their comfort zones and learn more about the bustling world of business. But perhaps most of all, Anderson and Davis are excited to discuss business from a new point of view.

“As we review cases in the Summer Venture Management Program, I believe my perspective will be impactful because I’m a double minority coming from an HBCU,” Davis said. “I believe I can shed light on the effect that non-inclusive businesses have on people like me, and propose solutions to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Anderson and Davis truly represent the entrepreneurial spirit and the motto of the University: “Sit Lux” (Let There Be Light). Not only will they shed light on the system of business here in the United States, they’ll also be shining a light for JCSU as they “Hold High the Gold and Blue” in Boston this summer.

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