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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Honors Dr. William R. Harvey by Declaring June 11, 2022 as Dr. William R. Harvey Day in Virginia

By: Hampton University

As Hampton University prepares to celebrate Dr. William R. Harvey’s 44 years of legendary service at the Harvey Years Gala, Dr. Harvey was quite surprised when he received a Certificate of Recognition from Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia, declaring June 11, 2022 as Dr. William R. Harvey Day, in recognition of the significant achievements and contributions Dr. Harvey has made during his illustrious career as Hampton University President. 

“Virginia has been my family’s home for 44 years, and it is a wonderful community,” said Dr. Harvey. “This honor is truly a surprise and is much appreciated. I want to thank Governor Glenn Youngkin for this recognition. This is a wonderful gesture from the leader of the Commonwealth.” 

The certificate of recognition notes that Dr. Harvey “was appointed in July 1978 as the twelfth president of Hampton University, capturing this opportunity to grow and improve the university to make the most positive impact on students and their families.” The recognition also noted just a few of his many achievements, including “that in 1989, Dr. Harvey instituted project H.O.P.E. (Hampton’s Opportunity Program for Enhancement), which admits college-bound African-American males into Hampton, and in 1992, he initiated the Job Education Training (JET) Corps, a program modeled after the 1930’s Civilian Conservation Corps; and, WHEREAS, as an author, lecturer, and recipient of numerous awards, Dr. William Harvey’s leadership at Hampton has yielded numerous accomplishments ranging from ninety-two new academic degrees, including twelve new doctoral programs, to the launch of four satellites in space; and, WHEREAS, Dr. Harvey’s proudest accomplishment is his role as mentor to seventeen of his former vice-presidents, challenging and guiding them to assume roles as presidents and CEOs while modeling his five priorities for success— outstanding character traits, high standards, a good work ethic, service to others, and teamwork.”

The proclamation closes with the Commonwealth of Virginia commending Dr. Harvey for his “four decades of dedication and lifetime of contributions to strengthening the Spirit of Virginia. Now, therefore, I, Glenn Youngkin, do herby recognize June 11, 2002 as Dr. William R. Harvey Day in the Commonwealth of Virginia and call this observance to the attention of our citizens.” 

About Dr. William R. Harvey

Dr. William R. Harvey has served as President of Hampton University for 44 years, making him one of the longest-serving presidents of a college or university in America. During his tenure, he has introduced innovations that have solidified Hampton’s stellar position among the nation’s colleges and universities. His extraordinary leadership is reflected in the growth and quality of the University’s student population, academic programs, physical facilities, and financial base. 

During Dr. Harvey’s 44 years of visionary leadership, 92 new programs have been introduced, 30 new structures dot the landscape of the campus surrounded on three sides by water and the university’s endowment has grown 1,279% from $29 million to $400 million and growing. Dr. Harvey has transformed Hampton University into a world-class leader in higher education. He has received appointments to national boards by six presidents of the United States and led important community and educational initiatives in Virginia.

Hampton University has built the first proton therapy cancer treatment center in the Commonwealth of Virginia — an unparalleled hub for cancer treatment, research, and technology. Hampton University is the first and only HBCU to have 100% control of a NASA mission and Hampton has four satellites/instruments currently in orbit.

An astute businessman, Dr. Harvey has applied his business acumen to the needs of Hampton University. In the process, he established student scholarships, created jobs, provided services, and increased the number of African-American entrepreneurs, while expanding the tax base in the City of Hampton. 

In addition to the distinguished leadership Dr. Harvey has provided to Hampton University, he is the 100% owner of the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Houghton, Michigan. Dr. Harvey and his wife Norma have three children and five grandchildren.

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