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Voorhees fraternity alumni association dedicates memorial bench in honor of advisor emeritus

The Voorhees College Sigma Theta Chapter Alumni Association of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. honored beloved advisor emeritus William Clayton Marshall with a memorial bench. 

In addition to serving as faculty member for Voorhees, Williams was a mentor, life coach, advisor, and father-figure to many young men that he groomed into real “Omega” men. Those who knew him said he was a bridge builder who prepared young men and women for life after Voorhees. 

Planned in concert with the chapter’s 50th anniversary celebration, placement of the bench in front of the Saint James Building where Mr. Marshall taught business courses for years was a significant moment for the many who were influenced by him. 

Voorhees alumnus Daryl Johnson, Sigma Theta Fall of 1983 initiate, was instrumental in the bench design. He said it is their great honor to dedicate the memorial bench in recognition of Brother William Clayton Marshall. “My brethren and I are truly blessed to have benefited from the wisdom of a great man who exhibited all facets of the Voorhees experience,” Johnson said. 

Voorhees alumnus Allen Little, Sigma Theta Spring 1982 initiate, was instrumental in the securing and installation of the bench. He said Marshall was a father-figure who helped mold him into the man he is today. “Brother Marshall fed me when I was hungry, when I misspoke he corrected me, and when I misbehaved he mentored and counselled me,” Little said. 

The brothers of Sigma Theta Chapter, in conjunction with the Sigma Theta Alumni Association, remain steadfast in continuing their 50th anniversary celebration plans once the institution and the nation re-opens after the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. 

The Sigma Theta Chapter expressed gratitude to Dr. W. Franklin Evans, Voorhees College ninth president and CEO, Willie Jefferson, director of external affairs and operations and special events, security personnel, and many others who assisted in making the memorial placement a reality. 

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